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Summer jobs are more than extra cash!

Working as a Christmas casual over summer is a great way to boost your bank account.

But it's also much more.

Boost your CV, boost your experience

Working as a Christmas casual is also a great way to add experience on your CV. Don't make the rookie mistake of thinking that these jobs "don't count".

They do!

They improve your prospects for full time work later in your career.

Here are some of the skills a summer job shows future employers you have:

  • You are reliable,
  • Can work in a team,
  • Can solve problems,
  • Know how to act in a work place,
  • Good communications skills

Make sure that at the send of the summer you have a great relationship with your manager.

Ask them for a written reference or ask if they will be your referee for future jobs.

Jump the queue and get a role year-round

Many employers won't tell you this, but they often use the summer to test out who they will offer year-round roles too.

If you want a more permanent job, make the effort to work hard as a Christmas casual and always ask if there's more work available.

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