Christmas casual jobs at DAVID JONES

Last updated 10th October 2021

David Jones is a really big employer of Christmas casuals! And everyone looks good dressed in black.

David Jones is Australia's upmarket department store. Guess how old it is? It started in 1838. So it turns 181 years old in 2019. DJ's has 7,200 staff across 45 locations.

Our favourite Christmas role offered by DJ's is "Magic Cave Assistant".

David Jones also has** warehouse and logistics** roles over Christmas. They need ot keep all the stores supplied, so they need extra help behind the scenes too.

When should you apply for David Jones Christmas casual roles?

In 2018, the Christmas roles had an application deadline of 31 October.

In 2019, the Christmas casual roles were first advertised in mid August, with a deadline of 31 October.


Do they still offer store discounts to Christmas staff? Email us to let us know.

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