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Christmas casual jobs at Myer

Last updated 26th May 2024

Myer is Australia’s biggest department store with over 14,000 employees. It was founded in 1900 in Bendigo (bet you didn’t know that!)

Myer is one of the biggest employers of Christmas casuals.

It’s a great way to gain work experience and put a famous brand on your CV.

Applying for a Myer Christmas Casual role?

In 2019, Myer starting advertising their Christmas casual positions in mid August. They only accept online applications for all positions so make sure you keep an eye out on your email after you apply!

Interview Tips

We conducted a National Christmas Casual Survey and found these tips from real successful Christmas Casual applicants at Myer;

  • Everyone must go through a group interview that involves a creative group activity
  • These activities include role play, navigating the store, practice selling items to a partner and answering questions in front of a group
  • Example questions in the interview could include scenarios (e.g. What would you do if…?) and behavioural questions (e.g. give me an example of a time where…?)

Perks and Pros

From our survey we found that these aspects of Myer are what Christmas casuals enjoyed;

  • Staff discounts are said to be between 10% and 20% depending on sales, time periods and brands
  • The Christmas casual cohort! Lots of the respondents said that the best part of the job (besides getting paid, obviously) was the friends that they made while working
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