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Christmas casual jobs at Scentre Group

Last updated 30th October 2019

Guess what Scentre Group does? They run shopping centres! In fact they run the 41 Westfield shopping centres around Australia and New Zealand.

This is the leading shopping centre manager in Australia. And Christmas is their biggest time of year, so they need lots of extra hands on deck to make sure customers have a great Christmas shopping experience.

Having Scentre Group on your CV will be a big asset for you. Other companies know how professional Scentre Group / Westfield is.


In 2019 we saw Scentre Group advertising Christmas roles starting in mid August. Many roles have application closing dates of early or mid September.

At we saw that in 2018 Scentre Group did an online application, followed by a short video interview.

We also read they ask these questions in christmas casual interviews;

  • What does Christmas at Westfield mean to you?
  • Define excellent customer service.
  • Tell me a time when we showed excellent customer service,
  • Tell me about a time when you had a difficult customer and couldn't resolve their problem.
  • What brings you to apply for a job at Westfield this Christmas?
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