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Christmas casual jobs at Tiffany & Co

Last updated 14th October 2021

If you don't know anything about;

  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Holly Golightly
  • The blue box

...then maybe don't apply for Tiffany & Co's Christmas casual program.

But if you are a fan of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and that little blue box with the white ribbon, and you can;

  • work fast
  • give wonderful customer service
  • and work in a team

...then it might be a great idea to apply for the Christmas positions at Tiffany & Co.

When do they hire for Christmas jobs?

In 2019 we saw summer roles advertised in early August.


Tiffany & Co is luxury brand with stores all over the world, so they expect you to have a some retail experience. Usually 1-2 years. So if you are new to retail... you may not get this first try.

Inside info

We understand they offer their Christmas casuals a great staff discount. Woohoo! Email us to let us know if this is true.

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