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How Do You Do “A Good Job” Over Christmas?

By Andrew

For a lot of people, a Christmas casual role is their very first job.

So a lot of people don’t know what “doing a good job” even looks like.

Here’s three great tips:

1. Turn up on time, or early, every day.

A great boss once said to me, “If you arrive on time, you are really late, because you must have not have planned for anything to go wrong on your commute. Arriving early is “on time”, because you planned for something to go wrong on your way to work”.

If we ever arrived late and said “the traffic was bad”, he would say that’s just an excuse for not planning for bad traffic. Your first job of the day is to get to work on time, not late with an excuse.

Consistently turning up on time will get noticed. No one may say anything to you, but it will get noticed. It’s one of the easiest ways to work out who are the “good” Christmas casuals vs the ones that just don’t get it.

It’s also a great habit for the rest of your career.

2. Work the same whether your boss is looking, or not.

When you manage a lot of staff, it is laughably easy to work out who works when you are away or not looking.

The ones that don’t, think they are getting away with it. But surprisingly, they discover “there’s just not many shifts next week”. The secret slackers don’t even realise they have been found out.

If you run out of things to do at work, always ask your manager. They will appreciate a staff member looking for activities to do!

3. Ask and learn

You’re new in a job, so you aren’t expected to know everything on day one. So it’s totally OK to ask questions. In fact, managers want you to show them you are keen to learn. How does this work? What should I say if a customer says “X”? How do we do “Y”?

So that's it - 3 ways to do a good job in a Christmas casual role. And they aren't hard. Turn up on time, work whether your boss is around or not, and be keen to learn. That's a 3-step recipe for your boss to say "good job"!!

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